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In this singular and imaginative story collection, Cecelia Ahern illuminates the myriad ways in which women overcome adversity with wit, resourcefulness and compassion.  Exploring dilemmas and aspirations that women everywhere will relate to, these unforgettable tales blend magical realism and familiar scenarios with startling and often hilarious results.  In matters ranging from marriage and childrearing to politics and career, the heroines of these thought-provoking stories confront problems both mysterious and mundane: one woman is tortured by sinister bite marks that appear on her skin; another is swallowed up by the floor during a mortifying presentation; yet another resolves to return and exchange her boring husband at the store where she originally acquired him. As they wrestle with obstacles of all kinds, their reality is shaped by how others perceive them -- and ultimately, how they perceive the power within themselves.                                     

By turns sly, whimsical and affecting, these 30 short stories are an inspiring examination of what it means to be a woman today.

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Latest News & Announcements

Nicole Kidman, Per Saari, Bruna Papandrea and Theresa Park To Produce Television Series Adaptation of Cecelia Ahern's "ROAR"

It was announced today that Nicole Kidman and Per Saari’s Blossom Films, Bruna Papandrea’s Made Up Stories and Theresa Park will be collaborating with Cecelia Ahern and her Greenlight Go...

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Cecelia Ahern gives Grand Central something to ROAR about

Karen Kosztolnyik, VP, Editor-in-Chief at Grand Central Publishing has acquired US rights to two new books by New York Times bestselling author Cecelia Ahern. Theresa Park of Park Literary..

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Cecelia Ahern gives HarperCollins something to ROAR about

Lynne Drew, Publishing Director, HarperFiction, has bought a collection of themed new short stories from Cecelia Ahern, entitled ROAR. The deal was concluded with Marianne Gunn O’Connor...

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The Differences Between A Short Story and Novel

Writing short stories, I feel like I’m capturing a moment where I’m fired up and inspired and I need to get it down straight away. So, I write it in a frenzy, really fast, really quickly.

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Behind The Scenes - Printing ROAR

Check out Cecelia visiting CPI books in London to see her new book Roar being printed. See just how intricate and fascinating the printing process is!

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The Woman Who Was Swallowed Up By The Floor - Audiogram

Listen to an exclusive Audiogram by award-winning comic and actress Aisling Bea for "The Woman Who Was Swallowed Up By The Floor"

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Reflections On Writing Roar

I started writing ROAR 5 years ago and the first story I wrote was “The Woman Who Slowly Disappeared” and at the time I was just writing one short story. I had no plans to do a collection...

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