What Inspired Roar

With every book I write, I always say that inspiration comes from observation, from experience and from imagination and you have to merge all those things together to create a story and with Roar I think that the inspiration has been women. All women. From all backgrounds. It’s working women, working women with children, woman who are ageing who are either comfortable with that or feel that society doesn’t recognise them. Women who are ageing who don’t recognise themselves anymore, young women who are trapped in Instagram bubbles, women in war-torn countries who want to escape and have a better life, the life that they deserve. Women who are frustrated who are overwhelmed or intimidated who are unhappy in marriages, who have been in long marriages and are wondering whether to continue or not. Every single woman I meet and have met and observe and talk to has inspired every single story in this book and I think they represent all the different facets of our lives. Who we are, who we think we have to be, who we think we should be and all the different relationships we have with the people in our lives. There’s the woman who feel like they’re unravelling and need friendships and sisterhood to try and put themselves back together again. I think I’ve tried to cover all kinds of woman in this book.

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