What People Think Of Roar (Part 1)

Thanks to NetGalley and LoveReading a number of people got their hands on Roar before publication! A number of these people who got their hands on Roar gave their review of the book. Check out part 1 of these reviews below.

'One of the best short story collections I've ever read' - Charlotte, NetGalley
'Heart-wrenching and uplifting... A constant reminder that women are strong, resilient, wonderful - hear her roar' - Tiffany, Lovereading
'A creative masterpiece... It felt like meeting a sisterhood' - Saarah, Lovereading
'Thought-provoking and empowering... I would recommend it to women from all backgrounds and circumstances' - Sally, Lovereading
'Both empowering and relatable' - Karen, Lovereading
'A joy to read from start to finish... one of the best this year' - Pam, NetGalley
Insightful, touching, modern and relevant' - Ashley, NetGalley

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Or check out part 2 of Roar reviews here

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