What's Your Favourite Story?

They’re all my favourite which is a bad answer but, I think the woman who slowly disappeared is a special story because it’s the first one that I wrote, and it set the tone for the whole series of stories. It’s about a woman who as she ages starts to disappear because she feels like society doesn’t see her or value her anymore, so I think that’s a standout story for me. The woman who was swallowed up by the floor and who met other woman down there too is one of my favourites because it’s just fun. We’ve all had that cringe moment where we say something or do something, and we literally want the ground to swallow us up and in this instance it does. There’s that great big welcoming black hole in the floor and she jumps in and finds she’s not alone down there. So that’s been a really popular one as well with readers which is great and also the woman who spoke woman is quite an important one to me because for a couple of years, I was trying to get these stories made. I do a lot of work in TV and I kept pitching them to TV people and I wasn’t getting the same excitement as I was getting from the woman I was sharing it with who were literally goose bumps and it would open up conversations to people sharing their stories with me and I felt that I was really onto something special here. Then I pitched the TV show and wasn’t getting that same feeling and I went home to my husband and said I just need to speak to someone who speaks woman and that inspired that story. So, it was this collection of stories that inspired this story so its special for that reason.

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